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Mango Hill Skirmish


60 Richard Road Brisbane QLD 4509

07 3203 164

If you have played paintball before, you will appreciate our clear unfogged, thermal lens paintball masks and the outstanding qualities of our paintball guns. Our Tippman A5 paintball guns are fitted with response triggers.Our A5 guns achieve fire rates of 6-15 balls per second. Our terrain is flat, well forested and has bunkers and forts within realistic paintball range of each other.

We play a variety of paintball games in every session. These include base assaults, flag captures, V.I.P assassinations and Zombies. Our games are able to be customised to meet your needs. Our courteous, professional, qualified paintball referees, have gun licences and love bribes.

We love our paintball guns. We love them to shoot straight. Please contact us Monday-Friday to arrange some free test firing.

OUR OUTDOOR LASER SKIRMISH in dry weather frequently deploys the 10.5 ton six wheel drive Saracen Armoured Combat Vehicle. Thanks to four wheel steering it does awesome doughnuts.

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