Mature ladies Hens Party


Party experts, we are a group of mature (50+) ladies. We still like to have a good time but don't want to go somewhere, where we are the oldest people in the room. Any suggestions on what we could do and where we could go for a fun day out in Sydney to celebrate our friends last night of freedom (again)!

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The Britstop can provide a day out on our 1949 London Double Decker party bus in the Sydney area to do vintage clothes shopping and a high tea then on to a pub or club of your choice from our list for free entry. Check out our promopage. We can provide a very flexible 'tailor made' day or night and the bus is a mobile venue itself!

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Have you thought of a high tea, say the Victoria Room, along with a tarot reader or palm reader? Mini readings for all guests are super fun and adds great conversation. We can provide the entertainment! Check us out: /Mystic_Party_Entertainment-Albert_Park-VIC-1670.html

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Have you thought about hosting a Tickle and Delight toy party? It would be perfect for your group and includes fun and games, sex-u-cation and prizes too. You could hold the party at home or even at a venue of your choice.

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