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The wedding bells are ringing and the time has come to treat the bride-to-be to one last bash as a single woman! Men have been doing it for years so why not gather up the girls and let loose.

Remember, this is no wedding shower, it’s a night out to celebrate her last days of “freedom”. So host a party with best friends and bridesmaids, with The Hangover Crawl! Who Knows what women do when they get together? We DO! We help plan the best hens nights on the Gold Coast.

When you and your girlfriends want to get out and get wild, call The Hangover Crawl, we’ll help you plan an evening with the hottest clubs with the best dance music in the area.

We have many great ideas when it comes to hens nights. One of our favourites is the Hens Night Scavenger Hunt.

The Hangover Crawl – Hens Night Scavenger Hunt

While heading into the nightlife on your Hens Night party bus here’s something fun.

Have A Guy Serenade You.
Have A Guy Give You A Condom.
Have A Guy Dance With You.
Have A Guy Give You His Underwear/Boxers.
Have A Guy Give You A Picture Of His Girlfriend.
Have 5 Guys Write Their Philosophy On Marriage On Napkins.
Have 5 Guys Write Their best Sexual experience On Napkins.
Have 2 Guys To Sing To You
Have Someone Tattoo Your Butt With A Funny Saying (Use a pen).
Get A Free Drink From A Bartender
Get A Single Guy’s Business Card.
Get A Guy To Talk Dirty To You.
Find A Guy Who Isn’t Wearing Underwear.
Get A Piggy Back Ride From A Stranger
Find A Man That Has The Same Name As Your Husband To Be

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