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Jelly Wrestling

Regarding the jelly wrestling package, is it available in Melbourne?

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Asked by: Eduardo Bucks Party Answers: 0

Topless Barmaids in Perth

I was wondering if anyone can help with booking a bucks venue that allows topless barmaids. Not stippers, just skimpies. I was hoping to find a lawn bowls club or other sporting clubroom in Perth. thanks very much!

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Asked by: Dean Bucks Party Answers: 0

Pole Dancing Lesson Hens Party

I am planning a hens night for mid December and would ideally like to have pole dancing lessons. There will be about 10-15 girls as part of the night and I am just enquiring as to what packages you offer and what the cost per head would be for these.

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Asked by: Lucy Hens Party Answers: 0

Fishing Charter with Topless Girls

Hi there, my brother is having a bucks weekend in Newcastle NSW. We were thinking of going deep sea fishing on the 15 november and was wondering what suggestions you can provide in relation to topless girls on fishing charters in this area?

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Asked by: Daniel Bucks Party Answers: 0

Jelly Wrestling

Looking for information on packages and prices for jelly wrestling for a bucks party on the 18 October? Thanks

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Asked by: Terry Bucks Party Answers: 0

Bucks Party In Noosa

I am trying to organise a mates bucks party on the 4th October in Noosa. We have hired a house and will be having a party in. I was wondering what things you offer. Games/entertainment etc. I have been told that strippers are not allowed, but anything funny/entertaining would be ok. Please let me know.

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Asked by: Rachel King Bucks Party Answers: 0

Bucks party in penrith... need help!

Hi all, I am halfway through setting up my mates bucks party and have just been let down by a pub. We were hoping to find a pub with a function room where we could have dinner for 20 people and be served drinks and dinner by a few topless waitress. Just wondering if anyone can recommend somewhere in the Penrith area that might be open to this?? Thanks, Mike

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Asked by: Mike Bucks: Venues Answers: 0

Bucks Night in Adelaide

I am planning a bucks night in Adelaide. Looking to do a party bus with strippers or something similar on the bus as well. Wondering if anyone offers anything like this?

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Asked by: Lewis Bucks Party Answers: 1

High Tea

Im looking for some suggestions on places that can do High Tea for a Bridal Shower? Thanks!

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Asked by: Cherie Bridal Shower Answers: 0

Male Strippers in Hobart

We are in Hobart, two of us are the bridesmaids and we are organising the hens party Can you advise us where to get one and how much for the 1st of August

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Asked by: Shirleen Hens: Entertainment Answers: 0

Hens night in Bathurst

Help! I need ideas for 7 girls to have a great weekend in Bathurst over the long weekend!!

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Asked by: Jamie-lee Cooper Hens: Activities Answers: 0


best pole dancing classes in Sydney for a group of hens???

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Asked by: tania Hens Party Answers: 0

My Bucks Suggestions

My name is Bill and I have been given the pleasure of organising my mates bucks party but I am currently struggling to come up with "the ultimate weekend" ideas. We are a rowdy , adventurous bunch ageing from 24-30 and would like to get away somewhere. HELP!!!! any suggestions would be appreciated, we are aiming to kick it off in the next month or so :) .

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Asked by: Bill Johnson Bucks: Weekends Answers: 3

Jelly Wrestling

I'm currently trying to plan a Jelly Wrestling party for my 21st on the Central Coast in April, I was wondering do you cater for something like that? I wouldn't require topless girls but more like a guy and a girl in there swimwear setting up the Jelly Wrestling and getting everybody involved. Play a few games, referee etc. Joining in and pretty much just running the show to get everyone excited?

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Asked by: Jen Hens: Entertainment Answers: 0

Bus Transport for Hens Party in Melbourne

I am enquiring about the cost of a transfer in one of your buses for a hens night. We need to be picked up from Caroline Springs and taken to a venue in Melbourne CBD. How much would this cost per person? Can you drink on board?

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Asked by: Danielle Hens Party Answers: 0

Mature ladies Hens Party

Party experts, we are a group of mature (50+) ladies. We still like to have a good time but don't want to go somewhere, where we are the oldest people in the room. Any suggestions on what we could do and where we could go for a fun day out in Sydney to celebrate our friends last night of freedom (again)!

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Asked by: Noelene Tooke Hens: Activities Answers: 3

Life Drawing in Newcastle

Are there any life drawing classes, the subject must, of course, be a nekid bloke, in the Newcastle area?

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Asked by: Jan Hens Party Answers: 2

Hens Party Venue in Melbourne

We're trying to find a venue for a hens party in Melbourne. We would prefer somewhere that is aimed at the 30somethings with a bit of sophistication but still fun. So far we haven't had much luck so here I am asking for advice. Does anyone have any?

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Asked by: Sophie B Hens: Venues Answers: 2

Male Stripper Needed

I need a male stripper who will come to a club (Brisbane) and do his thing for the blushing bride to be! Who's up for it?

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Asked by: Leesa Hens Party Answers: 2

High Tea for Hens Party in Sydney

The bride, whose Hens party I have to organise, wants to go for High Tea. I need advice on where to go, I have never been to a High Tea before.

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Asked by: Jessie Hens Party Answers: 3

Bucks Weekend in Sydney

I am looking for some ideas that 5 guys would enjoy in Sydney.

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Asked by: Hamed Bucks: Weekends Answers: 3

Limo hire for a girls night out

Anybody know a good limo company for a Hens night out? I need one ASAP

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Asked by: Paula Bus & Limo Transport Answers: 2

Hens Party in Brisbane

I've been given the job of organising my friends hens night and have absolutely no idea of what to do. We're in Brisbane and it's on a Saturday night. I need idea's!!!

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Asked by: Jessica Hens Party Answers: 2

I need personalised sashes

hi, I'm looking for a business who makes custom satin sashes for a bridal shower without it costing the earth. Any suggestions?

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Asked by: Meg Party Supplies Answers: 1